Capraia island

Flight time: 60/70 minutes
Price: on request

The island of Capraia is the only one of the Tuscan archipelago to be of volcanic origin. It is a real botanical paradise, luxuriant above all of the most typical species of the Mediterranean maquis, but it is also considered a paradise for diving and diving enthusiasts.
Once you have taken off from the base of Pratello you will reach the island in about 30/35 minutes of flight, flying over part of the continent and the stretch of sea that divides it from it.
We will arrange the return for a few hours later, you will have plenty of time for excellent fish in the restaurants available and, having reached a few coves, for a refreshing dip in the transparent waters of the island.
Once landed we decided to leave you a few hours to move and discover its pristine sea, reachable by taxi or renting a scooter or taste excellent dishes in partner restaurants.

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